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Top Escape Room Project Nominee 2020

Guardians of the Gallery

Over the last few years there has been a project to find the best escape rooms in the world.

The TERPECA site gives all the details.

In short, to nominate a room you had to have played over 200 escape rooms (verified externally).  You could then nominate only your top 20 rooms.

We were lucky enough that 2 people nominated 'Guardian of the Gallery' as being in their top 20 rooms.

Only 95 rooms received nominations in the UK.  You can see why with strict rules and a high bar of 200+ rooms played.

No other room in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes or Bedfordshire received any nominations.

We believe we can legitimately claim to the be the best room in this region as a result, and in the top 95 rooms in the UK (which equates to around the top 5%).

Unfortunately we did not make the short-list of top 14 rooms.  I have played a number of them and can confirm how good they are! Those who have visited Want to Escape will know I've recommend several for people to go and play.  I have nominated this year and voted for my top games, having played over 200 myself around UK, Spain, and even some in Egypt.  Let's hope my tour to the USA can happen soon.

We hope to see you soon so you can agree our room is a fine example and deserves its place on the nominated list this year (and maybe next year too???)

TERPECA website:

 Top Escape Room Project Nominee 2020

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