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Privacy Policy for GDPR

This policy explains how we comply with European and UK legislations to protect your identity and privacy.  It explains how we collect, use and disclose certain information.

Company Details

Langosta Lta T/A Want to Escape are a UK based escape room, located at:
40a Newton Road, Rushden, NN10 0HD.  Company No.  8522273

Tel: 01933 311 309

Data Provided To Want to Escape by yourself when booking a room.
Data you provide Want to Escape is collected when you enter in to an agreement with Want to Escape services and used solely for internal use, and the delivery of the services you have engaged.  This data is not passed on to marketing agencies:

  • Your name
  • Your email addresses
  • Your payment method

Use Of Data

If when you booked your ticked the box authorising for us to use keep your details then we will use this data for the following:

  • To let you know of any new rooms or changes to rooms that might be of interest to you.
  • A newsletter letting you know what's going on in the Want to Escape world. 
  • When you booked, whether you did or did not tick the box authorising for us to use keep your details then we will use this data for the following:
  • Our accounts which must be legally sent to the government
  • Your telephone numbers and emails in case we need to contact you before your booking, ie cancellations etc.  And one email 24 hours after your booking to thank-you for playing.

Access Of Data

Your data is securely stored upon password protected servers hosted by
Bookify and Worldpay.Only accessible by authorised Want to Escape staff.
We may also hold some paper form data that is scanned and held on a computer, password protected and accessibly only by Want to Escape staff.  The paper documentation is shredded.  The office is securely monitored by a sophisticated CCTV system and intruder alarm.  You can request access to data we hold about you, this can be done via email or telephone call from an authorised person.
To request, modify or delete any data that we may hold on you please send requests to:

© 2019 Want to Escape Rushden. All Rights Reserved. Read Our Privacy Policy

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